Mass Birthday celebration of students of Chetana Child Development Centre & Nava Chetana Communication Development Centre was held on 02.04.2019 followed by cultural program. The children, their parents, the staff of the school, the volunteers and their family members attended the program. There was a good gathering of around 250 people who witnessed the Mass Birthday as well as the cultural program. Sri Hanumanth Kamath, Sri. Neelakanta, Sri C.L. Shenoy, Sri. K.R. Kamath, Sri Prashanth Kamath, Dr. Shalini Aiyappa & Sri Sandesh were the chief guests of the function. The children were given “Arathi” and kunkum were applied on the forehead of the children by the parents & volunteers. The birthday cake was cut and the same was distributed amongst the children. The celebration was followed by cultural program comprising of song & dance events participation by children, parents & the teachers. The Birthday gift was given to all the children for making the event memorable.