Anantha Soukhya (Previously Aasare)

Welfare activities for senior citizens.

Anantha Soukhya
(previously known as Aasare)

Taking care of Senior Citizens


    • Physio- equipments and Library at Chetana Child Development Centre(CCDC) premises.
    • Those who wish to interact with children of CCDC are allowed to do so and entertain the children and get entertained themselves.
    • Organizing Medical Check up Camps, assisted by eminent physicians with medicines free of cost. These camps are conducted at CCDC premises and near Fire Service Station, Pandeshwar, Mangaluru, every month.
    • Every Saturday Yoga classes are conducted from 10.00am to 11.00am.
    • Arranging talks on important subjects on Health, Hygiene, Mental make up etc, in association with “Senior Citizen Council, Mangalore”.
    • Special talks is also arranged on Memory Improvement, Dementia and its prevention, Dental Health and prevention of Dental Deecay etc.
    • Periodic medical camps such as memory improvement techniques, Bone Density Test, Dental Check up camps and Denture camps, special camps on general health.
    • Presently, above mentioned camps are organized at CCDC premises and Adamya Chetana premises at Ullal. All the major hospitals at Mangaluru are fully co-operating, on request, in materializing the objectives of Anantha Soukhya.
    • The Anantha Soukhya accepts the offer from outside institutions/organizations who wish to have such camps at their choice in and around Mangaluru.

Support us through your contribution

Support us through your contribution
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