Our Activities

Blood Donation Camps


Vocational Training Centre

Medical Assistive Devices Bank

Mobile Neuro Sensory Developmental Therapy Unit

Physiotherapy and Neuro-sensory Park

Thalassaemia Support Group

Asha Jyothi - a forum for Recreation of Divyaang

Community Services

Anantha Soukhya (Previously Aasare)

Online Computer and Mobility Training Unit

Vritika Chetana

Unique Disability ID

Legal Guardianship

Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme

Learning Disability Centre

Support us through your contribution

Support us through your contribution
Seva Bharathi's health, education, livelihood and response programmes bring lasting change in the lives and livelihoods of Divyang , Visually Impaired Kids, Endosulphan Victims & Autism Spectrum disorder children.
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