A Non Governmental Organization ( NGO)

formed by a group of service-minded homemakers and doctors in the year 1991.
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About Us

Seva Bharathi is a non-governmental organization, formed by a group of service-minded homemakers and doctors in the year 1991.

In the initial years, it was concentrated only to conducting Medical Checkup camps, Blood donation camps and also to conduct camps to create awareness for blood donations.

The experience gained in these years made Seva Bharathi to serve for the betterment of physically challenged children, totally deprived category in the society.

Thus, from a humble beginning, Seva Bharathi as on date runs a bunch of service units, catering the needs of Physically challenged children including multiple disabilities, Visual impaired, Endosulfan Victims, Autism Disorder, Skill Development Training utilizing talents of challenged category, Assistance for Talassemia patients, Medical Assistive Bank, Medical Checkup camps and Blood Donation camps, providing health care to Senior Citizen and so on.




Operating from a small hut in the beginning, Seva Bharathi (R) today runs a group of units


Adamya Chetana Day Care Centre

Navachetana Communication Development Centre

Roman & Catherine Lobo School for THE blind

Ashajyothi - a forum for Recreation of Divyaang

Endosulphan Victims Day Care Centres

Anantha Soukhya (Previously Aasare)

Mobile Neuro Sensory Developmental Therapy Unit

Medical Assistive Devices Bank

Mano Chetana

Blood Donation Camps


Thalassaemia Support Group

Learning Disability Centre

Community Services

National Trust

Online Computer and Mobility Training Unit

Support us through your contribution

Support us through your contribution
Seva Bharathi's health, education, livelihood and response programmes bring lasting change in the lives and livelihoods of Divyang , Visually Impaired Kids, Endosulphan Victims & Autism Spectrum disorder children.
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