Medical Assistive Devices Bank

Providing medical devices to the needy

Medical Assistive Devices Bank

Lending the medical devices.


Providing medical devices to the needy, for a limited period..

Target group

Those who require medico-equipments for post surgery exercise at home


The unit is in CCDC building.

Reach Area

Mangaluru City

Resources and Beneficiaries

1. walkers

2. Patient cots

3. wheel chairs

4. Back rests

5. Wheel chair with commode

6. water beds

7. Plastic chair with commode

8. air beds

9. Steel chair with commode

10. Bubble beds

11. Commode with Wheels

12. Bed pans

13. Commode without wheels

14. Walking sticks

15. Commode Stool

16. Crutches

17. Rotomotor with Humidifier

18. Straps

19. Oxygen cylinders

20. Mattress

21. Weight Dumbbells


9.30 am to 3.30 pm, on all week days, except Saturdays and Sundays.


  • Lending medical devices, as above, on returnable condition.
  • Nominal refundable deposit will be collected, while taking the item required
  • The deposit will be returned to the beneficiary, while item returned. If the beneficiary wishes to contribute the deposit amount to Seva Bharathi, the receipt for the same will be issued.
  • Once in six month, the beneficiary will be reminded in case the item taken is not returned and if wishes to extend for period, the same are noted/considered.

Support us through your contribution

Support us through your contribution
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