Anantha Soukhya in association with Companio Mangalore conducted “Foot Pulse Therapy camp” from 04.11.2023 to 25.11.2023 at Chetana School premises. This therapy is for getting relief from multiple sufferings such as body pain, diabetes, arthritis, varicose vein, high blood pressure, spondylitis, thyroid and nerves related issues etc. Totally, 764 persons, majority were senior citizens, took the advantage of the camp. On 22.11.2023, Dr. Rathnakar Shetty, the Southern Regional Head of Companio addressed the participants clarifying the benefits of therapy in maintaining good health with specific examples, also spoke on the precautions to be taken while using the machine etc. Most of the participants got substantial relief from their pains in the three weeks long therapy and some of them were suffering for years together. Those who had difficulty in walking at the beginning, walked with ease by the camp days. Due to substantial benefits desired from the camp, beneficiaries appreciated the initiative of Anantha Soukhya and Companio.