Anantha Soukhya conducted a talk on ‘health in our hands- Acupressure’ meant for all age group on Saturday, the 2nd March 2024 at conference hall of Chetana School. Experienced acutherapist Shri K Ramakrishna Kamath, Mangaluru, was the chief guest who was present to conduct the camp, lit the lamp, with the Seva Bharathi office bearers and inaugurated the camp. In his address he stated that pain in any parts of the body will reflect in hands and pressing the hand at the specific portion is a remedy to set aside the said pain. So, acupressure can be practiced by anyone with no cost, to get rid of their ailments. During practical session, he had one to one discussion with the participants and advised proper way of acupressure. In the beginning, Shri B Prakash Pai welcomed chief guest and the gatherings with a brief introduction on activities of Seva Bharathi. Shri H Nagaraj Bhat, Hon. Secretary, Seva Bharathi (R.) and Shri Umesh Shenoy, the convener of Anantha Soukhya were present on the dais. A total of 74 members participated in the program and appreciated the simple way of explaining easy and inexpensive solution for the common problems faced by large number of people, particularly elders.